Friday, 23 Jun 2017

Suggested Home Remedies for: Ezcema

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Basic Causes of Ezcema

Happy Family Free of EzcemaThe symptoms of Eczema, if one is not sure of the condition, are red itchy skin patches, which sometimes burn and ooze. There are two main causes of Eczema. One is contact with irritants that have high PH Levels, from chemicals, powders, soaps, detergents, cleaning agents and perfumes. The second is allergy to a certain food; material such as nickel, chrome, rubber, wool, latex or possibly even hay fever. Eczema can be further irritated by extreme changes in the weather; heat, cold, humidity etc. Babies and small children are sufferers of this condition, which is very uncomfortable as well as embarrassing as they get older. (Also read “Basic Causes of Dry Skin” in our Suggested Home Remedies for DRY, ITCHY SKIN, Normal to Severe, on this website).

Ultra Balm's Suggested Home Remedies

Female Beautiful Mature Happy Ultra Balm UserWhere possible, it is best not to use any sort of soap or detergent on the skin at all.  It would be better if one could clean their skin using whole oats by wrapping a hand full of whole oats in a cheese cloth or fine netting, tied with a string or rubber band. Soak the bag for 15 minutes before use. Use whole oats in the bathtub by bathing with it in cool or warm (never hot) water.  Since the goal of any eczema is to restore hydration to the skin this is the perfect body scrub for anyone with this condition as it will sooth as well as restore the skins hydration. It helps bring down the inflammation from scratching, and helps the itching as well.


Immediately after washing, when your pores are still open, whether you’ve washed with whole oats or mild unscented soap, lightly pat (not rub) your skin dry and then immediately apply Ultra Balm to the affected area. Ultra Balm as it penetrates deep into the skin restores the skins proper acid covering so that the skin returns to the PH level necessary to keep the skin hydrated, moist and protected from germs and infections. Note: It would a great help to keep the air in your home moist at a humidity level between 45-55% to further keep your skin from drying out. Try to wear loose cotton clothes vs wool or synthetic clothing so that your clothes do not rub against your skin. All clothing should be washed with a mild soap, not a detergent; you want one without fragrance, or colorant, as these are irritants to this condition.  

If you follow the above, you should notice a change within days or even hours, and you will immediately be much more comfortable.  

Click Here to Read Our Customer Success Stories Using Ultra Balm to Relieve Ezcema!


The Above Suggested Home Remedies are for cosmetic purposes only. The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. Talk to your health care provider before taking Ultra Balm with any prescription or over the counter drugs (including any herbal medicines or supplements) or following any treatment or regimen.  

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